Sunday, 14 April 2013

Everything old is new again

Oh ! How i love to read, there is nothing more comforting than curling up with a good book or magazine. Lately i've been enjoying some lovely new reading material right out of the 1900s,20s,30s. Seriously they are a valuable history lesson in themselves Magazines  and books like "The Mode in Home and Dress" and "The Modern Priscilla", Home Arts etc" , the woman of these times  were far more complex, intelligent and involved than a modern person might think, yes their lives revolved around domestication and child rearing but they ran their homes like well oiled corporations and had far more common sense and self respect than their contemporaries.
 Presenting ones self and family in  best possible way in appearance and good manners and expectations are what makes society civilized and is that such a bad thing really? We all need boundaries.
 These are American magazines and books of which i speak, but none the less i was amazed just how much education and political opinions were expressed and encouraged, these woman made a difference to society and were interested and involved, seems kind of sad though to think of all the sacrifice and hard work woman of those time did to lay the foundations for woman of the future, i kind of think it has been squandered in our time.
These of course are my personal opinions and observations. I have  found a lot of great ideas, commonsense and sweet escapism in these precious publications and just love collecting them.  Oh to have a time machine!
Beautiful Art work

Love some of the quirky adverts.

Nothing wrong with taking the time to look and feel good.

Have got a few of these for the girls.

Only have the digital version at the moment, but seriously to this day i don't think a smarter book for young girls has been written.

Happy 1st Birthday Eva

Hiya!!Eva and Aunt Angie

Happy 1st Birthday Eva !!! Eva is our fourth Grandchild  and the dear little one has been sick for weeks, still don't know whats wrong, just waiting for more test results, hopefully all is fine and just allergies.       Anyway today is her first birthday and you can't keep a good girl down, especially when cake and wrapping paper involved ( paper is the best part of the day).  Eva had lots of fun with the Aunties and Brother Seb, and loves her new wheels and tent!! Happy Birthday Eva !!!!!

Opening presents with Mamma

Happy Birthday to ME
Almost all partied out

Peppa pig cake

Singing with Aunt Ollie

Love my new wheels