Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy Birthday's and Happy Campers !

Happy 77th Birthday Dad with his sister Gloria

Dad and Mum

Group hug

Off on an Adventure

School Camp Here We Come

Happy 5th Birthday Seb and 31st Marc

A week of Birthdays in our family, first up my grandson Sebastian turned 5 and then his Dad Marc a few days later, followed close behind by my Dad. We are so lucky and blessed to have my Dad , he has had a few too many close calls to the other side and we are grateful to God to be able to help him celebrate another year, and i pray many more. It melts my heart to see him smile and enjoy his birthday cake.
And the Twins have gone on their first school camp, it's a few hours away but their first time away so long, they were supper excited and nervous but went with big smiles, they packed their own bags , so proud of them, hope they have a lot of fun .