Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thursday Thoughts

TODAY I'm babysitting two of my grandchildren, its a bleak wintery day and the two are curled up under rugs watching Peppa Pig. Seeing those two together and so happy reminded me of my two eldest  children, they too  loved to curl up together on days like this, times were hard and we had no TV or money for new videos or  toys , we made our magic, i read to them, we painted,  we went for walks all rugged up trying to spot little green spikes of spring flowering bulbs breaking through the hard winter ground. We roasted foil wrapped potato's in a little fire we built in the back yard , so yummy and comforting with butter and sour cream and fresh chives from a mini herb garden.  We'd feed the birds and pick little bouquets of sweet violets and tiny blue grape hyacinth, these are some of my most precious memories. Sometimes the best memories are those made in the lean times. Struggle can be bittersweet, it brings out our inner child to create magic, comfort and joy out of the simplest of things.

Friday, 6 June 2014

May June

The Blog has been a little neglected these past few weeks apart from a bit of color play, i get a bit flat this time of the year and with a Family illness that almost ended badly and one of my little Misses fracturing  her arm at school i was feeling quiet deflated.
Things i has done to ease my bleakness of spirit; I pulled out the food dehydrator and dried 5kg of onions and carrots, some lemon,lime and orange slices to pop in tea, lots of capsicums, managed to teach the girls how to use the sewing machine and do some basic embroidery, they made a little draw string bag to keep their floss in ( very happy with the results) will post photos soon.  And i also ordered myself this new Stacy Nash primitive cross stitch pattern
That's about all for now, like i said feeling very bla !