Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Fifteen Weeks

I can't believe so much time has passed since i last posted, winter has come and gone, spring seems to have also come and gone (weather wise anyways) and things are feeling very summery indeed. i must admit i was glad to see the end of Winter as it was a bleak one and we all ended up with Influenza B at the same time, so what else have we been up to, well the mundane things of course , work, school etc...

But as soon as the weather warmed a little we took a week off and drove 11 hours to the mid north coast and had a nice relaxing break by the seaside at Harrington, and relax we did, and swam and fished, could really get used to that place.
The girls also had an early 10th birthday party at the local Bowling Alley, and everyone had a great time.
Then it was off to Sydney to my sister Victoria's for a week for a bit of sisterly catch-up time a Baptisim and too much yummy cake, followed by a quick trip down the South Coast to see our son Stephen and his Family. Phew !!

A lot of travel but a lot of fun seeing everyone to.
Today i am babysitting my  daughter Jessicas little ones then tomorrow back to work.

cutting the cake

olivia cooking up a storm on our Holiday

Angelica making Fruit salad

Stephen at the BBQ

Table ready

Crowdy Head

Crowdy head Lighthouse

Day trip to Port Macquarie

Steve having words with Australia's first Prime Minister

The girls getting a quick lesson in History and Politics

Lighthouse at Port Maquarie

Beautiful views