Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"My Frugal Accomplishments" for the week !

Tired of wastage, ever increasing food and utility prices and inspired the the wonderful "The prudent homemaker, i have embarked on a cost cutting, sensible use up and recreate what you have regime.
I have been trying to sort through a bit of my clutter each day and apply a new use or am on the look out for previously overlooked opportunities to save.
 This week my i managed to clean my fridge till shiny new and use up all the leftovers that were still good, i sorted through my cupboards and pantry, made a list of what we need and what we never used, I made kidney bean tacos( and the girls had no idea it was meat free), i cut up a few old tablecloths i no longer liked and ran them through the serger and made myself some new kitchen towels. I bought 2 dresses for my girls that were reduced because they had visible faults ( black lace,who could tell) and so i altered the fit and mended the said faults ,popped some black grosgrain ribbon and some black and white gingham ribbon from my sewing box on as belts/sashes ( the dresses came with orange belts) and had 2 very fancy looking party dresses for my little misses. Feeling quiet pleased and inspired to continue.
The revamped dresses ( The wore them for Melbourne Cup) day at school.