Friday, 28 February 2014

Pantry and Meal Planning

While the Northern hemisphere gears up to welcome Spring, us folks Downunder are starting to think Autumn thoughts of russet leaves and warm spicy aromas coming from the kitchen. Well its still a month at least before it really starts to cool but planning ahead is half the fun.
This coming week i am planning on cleaning out the fridge/freezer and the pantry, scrubbing up my canning jars and pulling out the food dehydrator and lets not forget the slow cooker( the work horse of my kitchen), i use it several times a week since i started working outside the home and want to work it even harder (might have to buy an extra one).
I thinking of trying slow cooker jam, caramel, bread and self saucing puddings and jacket potatoes.
I m planning on dehydrating my vegetables and herbs and making up batches in canning jars as dry ingredients pre mixed for our favourite soups and stews, so i only have to open one jar and add meat and stock and go.
I can hardly wait to get started.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Holiday wrap up, Salmanca Markets, Campbell Town

Salamanca Markets

Local Gravenstein apples, crisp and juicy

beautiful fresh vegetables

The Fox Hunters Return ,Campbell Town

rear of building

side view and book shop in basement

horse stables

back entry door

chess table closed

chess table open

inside entry

beautiful stone stairs

our bed for the night

and of course we got room number five

leaving, boarding Spirit of Tasmania 11

Goodbye Tassie

Miss Maggie tried to stay behind

last view of Tasmania

Arriving in Melbourne and The Queen Mary 2 was docked beside us

We had a great time

Maybe our next holiday? I can dream !
Well before this blog starts looking like an advertisment for Tasmanian holidays only i thought id better do a final post of our holiday, we visited Salamanca Markets In Hobart and enjoyed fresh lemonade,German Sausage and hot ditch pancakes. Angelica bought a bright red pair of Possum/Merino wool mittens and Olivia bought a pretty hand embroidered lavender bag, we then drove to Historic Campbell Town, a beautiful garrison town built almost 200 years ago by Govener Macquarie,the river that runs through it is named after his wife Elizabeth.
We stayed Saturday night at a Georgian Inn "The Fox Hunters Return" it had a book shop in the basement and our host were lovely.
The next day we travelled back to Shearwater/ Port Sorell for the last night and enjoyed another Raspberry sorbet!! Then is was up early Monday morning to sail home,   it really was worth the money and time off work and school, we learned a lot and would love to go back real soon. For such a small place it is rich in history and natural beauty, the people are genuine and friendly and food is yummy.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Port Arthur Tasmania

The first view a convict would have seen of Port Arthur

Lucky for us the rain held off

The start of our Harbour cruise

Island of the dead

Port Arthur

The Prison

Convict Built Fireplace

Prison Windows

Handmade bricks and Hand cut stone

Back view of prison

Beautiful Floor/ceiling beams

Add caption

Inside a convict built fireplace

I love these

Amazing workmanship

Commandants Vegetable patch

Commandants Toilet

Commandants Bedroom

Add caption

Foyer of Commandants House

Add caption


Sewing machine

Lunch, sweet potato and corn soup and damper

Put down the rabbit and nobody gets hurt !!!

Maggie and Daddy

Love the hand stitched buttonholes

Hand carved wooden shoes, cute heal

The Seperate Prison ( where speaking was forbidden)

Add caption

Working cell/ broom making

prisoners room

Cell block

Exercise Yards ?

The silent church

Outside view of prison

Medical officers home

sitting room


Hexagon Quilt

walkway from main house to Kitchen/laundry

The Church Ruins



The stone was cut by boy convicts

Thats one big window

Rose petals on the ground, there had been a wedding earlier


Oak Walk


Goverment Gardens

The heart of the garden

Port Arthur was Amazing !! We spent 8 hours there and only saw just under half to find out more go to