Saturday, 29 March 2014

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

My Husband Stephen " Our Rock"

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband and very best friend , it's an honor to be part of your life, we love you . 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Glacier Grey

March has flown by and there is a hint of Autumn in the air, cooler nights and warm sunny days with a little rain have been on the menu here in the Riverina, the summers have been somewhat milder these past few years and you will get no complaints from me.  So to ring in the new season i thought we might give the blog a freshen up with this lovely grey music theme from the Graphic fairy i also added the breathtaking photo my husband shot of Cradle Mountain Tasmania, it was taken on Glacier rock so that's how i settled on my title today Glacier grey, its my new black at the moment so soft fresh and warm at the same time.

Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patricks Day 2014

Greetings to you on St Patricks Day

There's a little bit of Irish a Glimmering in us all

All over the world people love to celebrate St Patrick's Day and ever so easy it is to wear the green and share the joy of such happy friendly people as the Irish, also a great day to sow your  Sweet peas seeds.      
I have Corned Beef  and  Cabbage simmering on the stove and a peach cobbler for dessert, and Mr Five and i will be finishing the night off with and Irish coffee. Enjoy !!

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Happy Birthday Sebastian
Big Boy now

Seb And Little sis Eva
Oh how time flies, My grandson Sebastian turned 4 yesterday, he is the funniest and sweetest kid and we love him so much, HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY SEBASTIAN !!!!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

The Weekend


A visit to my Niece Christina

The bigtop

Circus theme

Bright and cheery

Cool side show prizes

Photo fun

Pouring rain, but dry inside the jumping castle

My sister Victoria "the creative Genius"

Pluck a duck game

Little Miss Gracie , Grandma Victoria and Grandma June

Will, Christina , baby Grace and Charlotte

Angie at the petting zoo

Olivia and her fluffy friend

Birthday Girls

Cake table


Baby Tiger
This weekend we drove to Sydney to celebrate the 1st and 2nd birthday of my Great -nieces Grace and Charlotte, it was pouring rain but with a bit of rope and a few Tarps all was dry and the show went on.
And a great show it was, cute kids,baby animals, jumping castle, fun and games and yummy cake.
My sister surprised me with a belated and lovely birthday dinner. My first Costco experience was a an eye opener, must go back fully armed with cash and the trailer, i could have a lot of fun  there, lucky for my husband the closet one is 5 hours away.